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TitleRecords of the Department of State Relating to Political Relations Between China and Japan 1930-1944 [Rolls 31-33]
AuthorNational Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
Series Number/IDRG59 M976

On the 96 rolls of this microfilm publication are reproduced the records from the decimal file of
the Department of State, 1930-44, that relate to political relations between China and Japan. The
records are mostly instructions to and despatches from diplomatic and consular officials; the
despatches are often accompanied by enclosures. Also included in these records are notes
between the Department of State and foreign diplomatic representatives in the United States,
memorandums prepared by officials of the Department, and correspondence with officials of
other Government departments and with private firms and persons. The State Department
divided the decimal file into chronological segments to retire inactive records. This division has
been maintained in this microfilm publication. The records for the period 1930-39 are filmed on
rolls 1-88 and those for 1940-44 on rolls 89-96


Our collection includes 95 rolls. Roll XX is missing.

Keywords (en)China;Japan;United States;diplomacy;relation;international relations;political relations
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