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Title各有千秋 — You're Smart in One Way, I in Another — Ge you qian qiu
Year of release1947
DirectorZhu Shilin 朱石麟
Script writer(s)Zhu Shilin 朱石麟
CastZhou Xuan 周璇 
Gong Qiuxia 龚秋霞 
Huang He 黄河 
DistributorQi lin ying pian gong si — 麒麟影业公司 — Kei Lun Film Company
PlotCollege student Yu Bihua is a new woman who is not bounded to traditions. Although her mother thinks it's better for women to be uneducated, she finishes her study with excellent performance under the support of his father. Yang Cong, her classmate as well as her lover also makes great achievement in his career. After graduation, they enter big enterprise to begin their professional ife. But a series of misfortunes come along as Yu is fired by the company for frequent absence when she is pregenant and Yang is hated by his colleagues for his refusal to join their defraud group. In the end of the film, Yu cannot help signing with motion that in this society, equality between two sexes is still a day-dream.

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