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Title船家女 - Boatman's daughter - Chuan jia nü
Year of release1935
DirectorShen Xiling 沈西苓
Script writer(s)Shen Xiling 沈西苓
CastXu Lai 徐来  
Gao Zhanfei 高占非 
Wang Jiting 王吉亭 

DistributorMing xing ying pian gong si - 明星影片公司 - Mingxing Film Studio
PlotThe film concerns the misfortunes of an innocent woman, Ah Ling, who lives with her father in Hangzhou, where they rent a boat transporting passengers across the West Lake. Ah Ling is in love with Tie’er, a factory worker who takes her boat every day. The peaceful life is disrupted by the appearance of a playboy artist from Shanghai. For his father’s debt, Ah Ling is soon sold into prostitution. Three months later, Tie’er finds her in a brothel and tries to free her and he is arrested. (Encyclopedia of Chinese Film, ed.Xiao Zhiwei, Zhang Yingjin)
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