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Title春蚕 - Spring silkworms - Chun can
Year of release1933
DirectorCheng Bugao 程步高
Script writer(s)Xia Yan 夏衍
CastGong Jianong 龚稼农 
Gao Qianping 高倩苹 
Ai Xia 艾霞 
Zheng Xiaoqiu 郑小秋 

DistributorMong xing ying pian gong si - 明星影片公司 - Mingxing Film Studio
PlotAn adaptation of Mao Dun’s story, this film depicts poor silkworm farmers unwittingly caught up in competition with foreign industries during the early 1930s. In a village in Zhejiang province. The film, praised as one of the first successful leftist films, was shot in a documentary style. It also dramatizes  the impact political and economic change exerts on the lives of the poor. (Encyclopedia of Chinese Film, ed.Xiao Zhiwei, Zhang Yingjin)
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