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Title恶邻 - Greedy Neighbours - E lin
Year of release1933
DirectorRen Pengnian 任彭年
Script writer(s)Li Faxi 李法西
Cast邬丽珠 Wu Lizhu
张雨亭 Zhang Yuting
何非光 He Feiguang
DistributorYu ming ying ye gong si - 月明影业公司 - Yueming Film Studio
PlotHuang You and his son Huishi are two hooligans in the village. They want to have Huang Huaren's property. Meanwhile, the man from the same village called Bai Jinji has also pretended Huang's wealth for many years. He uses his cousin Wu Zhihua to con Huang as Huang married Wu as his concubine. Huang takes great care of Wu while neglecting his own wife Guofen. After the greedy neighoubours' evil intentions become more and more visible, Huang regrets his behaviour and realises what he has done is completely wrong.

CommentSilent film with Chinese intertitles.
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