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Title孤岛天堂- Orphan island paradise - Gu dao tian tang
Year of release1939
DirectorCai Chusheng 蔡楚生
Script writer(s)Cai Chusheng 蔡楚生;Zhao Yingcai 赵英才
CastLi Lili 黎莉莉
Li Qing 李清
Jiang Ming 姜明
DistributorDa di ying ye gong si - 大地影业公司 - Dadi Film Studio
PlotA young lady travels to Shanghai in the hope of finding her fiancé. Although she does manager to locate him, it emerges that he is infatuated with a dancing girl and fraternizing with traitors and Japanese. The dancing girl turns out to be a member of an underground resistance organization. She is in love with the group leader, and together they assassinate several notorious traitors. During a New Year's party, members of the resistance organization elude the enemy's security checks and successfully execute a few more high profile traitors. The dancing girl and the group leader decide to sacrifice their love for each other to the greater good of the resistance by each taking on a new assignment. (Encyclopaedia of Chinese Chinese Film, ed. Xiao Zhiwei, Zhang Yingjin)
KeywordHong Kong;thriller;anti-espionage
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