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Title木兰从军 — Mulan joins the army - Mu lan cong jun
Year of release1939
DirectorBu Wancang 卜万仓
Script writer(s)Ouyang Yuqian 欧阳予倩
CastChen Yunshang 陈云裳
Han Langen 韩兰根
Huang Naishuang 黄耐霜
Liu Jiqun 刘继群
Yin Xiucen 殷秀岑

GenreCostume drama
DistributorHua cheng zhi pian gong si - 华成制片厂 - Huacheng Film
PlotDuring the Northern Dynasties (368-581 AD), the northern tribes invade China. An old soldier, Hua, is in poor health, but is urged by the government to join the service. Hua's daughter, Mulan, who has been practicing martial arts with her father since childhood, disguises herself as a boy and joins the army in her father's stead.
Keywordcostume drama;orphan island Shanghai;female
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