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Title银汉双星 - Two stars of the milky way - Yin han shuang xing
Year of release1931
DirectorShi Dongshan 史东山
Script writer(s)Zhu Shilin 朱石麟
CastJin Yan 金焰
Zi Luolan 紫罗兰
Gao Zhanfei 高占非 
DistributorLian hua ying ye gong si - 联华影业公司 - Lianhua Film Company
PlotA fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the Shanghai movie scene, with parallels to the true-life story of popular actress Ruan Lingyu. A simple girl is plucked from the countryside by a famous actor, who romances her and makes her a star, with unhappy results. The film's score is lost, but the engagement of Zi Luolan, an opera star, to play the lead opposite Jin Yan was a sensation.
CommentSilent film with Chinese and English intertitles.
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