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Periodical titleQing yi bao quan bian 清议报全编 附錄
Year range1898-1901
AbstractNewspaper founded on 23 December 1898 by Liang Qichao after he was exiled to Japan: its purpose was to introduce Western political theories and democratic ideas to China. Qingyibao was published every 10 days. Each issue included political editorials, news, translations and book reviews. Qingyibao criticized the Qing conservatives headed by Dowager Cixi and praised the Guangxu Emperor who supported radical reform. The mission of the newspaper was to advocate Liang's idéal of constitutional reform. On 21 December 190I a fire destroyed the paper's offices and publication ceased. Source: James Z. Gao, Historical dictionary of modern China (1800-1949), (Lanham: Scarecrow Press, 2009), pp. 287-288

清議報是立憲派所創辦的第一份宣傳立憲的刊物,具有開路先鋒的作用。 1898年(光緒二十四年)12月23日創辦於日本橫濱。主編為梁啟超 。設論說、名家著述、文苑、外論匯譯、紀事、群報擷華等欄目。 《清議報》的宗旨、欄目、主要撰稿人、發行等。將《清議報》所有宣傳立憲的文章加以分類整理,用圖表的形式表示出來,使之看起來一目了然。因火災於1901年12月21日停刊。共出100期。其後橫濱新民社曾匯出《清議報全編》26卷,內容多有增刪,編次也有變動.
CommentsThis is the digital version of the reprint by Heng bin xin min she 横滨新民社
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