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TitleBeiping li shi cheng shi yi xiang yan jiu 北平歷史城市意象研究: 1928-1937
AuthorDing Yannan 丁雁南
Thesis typeM.A.
Number of pages63
AbstractThis essay aims to input a deep examine on the city image of Peiping during year
1928—1937,in both visual and spiritual levels,and to come up with a new concept
Historical City Image.
Based on perusal of 130 pieces of prose mainly written between 1928 and 1937,a
series of basic elements contributing to the framework of the city image of Peiping are
clear.They can be sorted after the system first proposed by Kevin Lynch in 1960.
Boulevards named after city gates and a few certain business streets consist the bulk
of the Peiping paths;the southern part of the city wall of Tartar city is the edge of
PEiping,if there is any;the Forbidden City,Beihai Fark,Tian-qiao,Liuli·Chang
district are the dominating districts;Zhengyang Men is the node of Peiping;and also
it,in companion with Coal Hill,are the landmarks of Peiping.
Meanwhile,this essay is also aware of the incoherence between the image of Peiping,and the material reality of Peiping city.After comparing the two types of text
of Peiping,three clues are aroused for understanding the incoherence.There are the
National Political Geography Framework,the Imaginary Geography,and Topophilia.
Are—examine of applying literature texts into city image studies serves as the last
part of this essay.
Keywords (en)Peiping;Beijing;history;city;image;geography;imaginary;image;topophilia
Keywords (fr)histoire;geographie;ville
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