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Title恋爱之道 — Way to love — Lian ai zhi dao
Year of release1949
DirectorOuyang Yuqian 欧阳予倩
Script writer(s)Ouyang Yuqian 欧阳予倩; Xia Yan 夏衍
CastShu Xiuwen 舒绣文 
Feng Zhe 冯喆 
Jiang Yunhui 江韵辉  
Gu Eryi 顾而已 
DistributorNan qun ying ye gong si — 南群影业公司 - Nanqun Film Studio
PlotOn hearing the news of their daugher's engagement, Zhou Jiahao and Qian Lanying memorize their own love story. Twenty years ago, Jiahao left Lanying because of the North Expedition and lost contact with her as the troop moved so often. Lanying agreed to marry a young master called Zhang Hongchang. After Jiahao's returning to Shanghai, Lanying cancelled the engagement and eloped with him to Guangzhou and gave birth to their child Yuanzhen.

They moved back to Shanghai as Lanying's mother forgave them. Although life is tough under the fire of continuous wars, they struggled to survive until the end. The provety doesn't  turn their life into a misery as love conquers everything else.

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