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Title十字街头 — Crossroads — Shi zi jie tou
Year of release1937
DirectorShen Xiling 沈西苓
Script writer(s)Shen Xiling 沈西苓
CastZhao Dan 赵丹 
Bai Yang 白杨
Sha Meng 沙蒙 
Wu Yin 吴茵 
Lü Ban 吕班 
Qian Qianli 钱千里 

DistributorMing xing dian ying gong si — 明星电影公司 — Mingxing Film Company
Four students in Shanghai have recently finished university. All are unemployed. Xu contemplates suicide but his friend Zhao talks him out of it. Zhao lives in a shabby room with just a flimsy wall of planks separating him from the room behind. Miss Yang, in town to take a factory job, moves in behind. Her nails into the wall knock Zhao's photos down. The unseen neighbours start playing tit for tat.

Zhao gets a job as proofreader at a newspaper. He sees that pretty girl on the tram to work every day. He doesn't know her, but it's Miss Yang... Zhao is assigned to cover labour conditions for the paper. He is sent to a factory, the one where Miss Yang works... (cited from IMDB)
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