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Title白毛女 - The white-haired girl - Bai mao nü
Year of release1950
DirectorWang Bin 王滨; Shui Hua 水华
Script writer(s)王滨 Wang Bin 水华 Shui Hua
CastZhao Lu 赵路 
Chen Qiang 陈强 
Tian Hua 田华 
Hu Peng 胡朋 
DistributorChang chun dian ying zhi pian chang - 长春电影制片厂 - Northeast Film Company
PlotA peasant girl, Xi'er, and her neighbour, Dachun, are in love with eath other. Xi'er's father, Yang Bailao, and Dachun't mother plan to see them married after the fall harvest. A local landlord, Huang Shiren, takes an interst in Xi'er and uses the debts Yang owes him as a leverage. Xi'er was raped and becomes pregnant. With the help of another maid, she runs away from Huang's residence and hides in the mountains. After years of living in the cave, her hair turns completely white.

After the outbreak of the Sino-Japanese war, Dachun, now a Communist army officer, returns to his home village to mobilize the peasants. He find Xi'er and the truth is revealed, lovers are reunited, and the evil landlord is executed. (Encyclopedia of Chinese Film,ed. Xiao Zhiwei, Zhang Yingjin)
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