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Title宝莲灯 - Magic lamp - Bao lian deng
Year of release1959
DirectorYe Ming 叶明
CastZhao Qing 赵青 
Chen Yunfu 陈云富 
Fu Zhaoxian 傅兆先 
Sun Tianlu 孙天路
DistributorTian ma dian ying zhi pian chang - 天马电影制片厂 - Tianma Film Studio
PlotLiu Yanchang, a young scholar, once went sightseeing in Mountain Hua in Shaanxi province. In a temple he saw a statue of the Goddess of Mountain Hua and was deeply impressed by her charm and beauty. As Liu was leaving he was robbed and seriously injured. The Goddess came to his rescue and they fell in love with each other, so much so that they were about to marry. The Goddess' second eldest brother, the Vanguard of the Heaven, tried to separate them but was defeated by the Goddess who had a 1000-year-old magic lamp. The Goddess then married Liu and a year later, she gave birth to a baby boy called Chenxiang.
Keyworddrama;opera film;costume film;folklore
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