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Title大阅兵 - The big parade - Da yue bing
Year of release1985
DirectorChen Kaige 陈凯歌
Script writer(s)Gao Lili 高力力
CastWang Xueqi 王学圻 
Sun Chun 孙淳 
Wu Ruofu 吴若甫 
Guan Qiang 关强 

DistributorGuang xi dian ying zhi pian chang - 广西电影制片厂 - Guangxi Film Studio
PlotThe process of military training detailed in this film, however, concerns a different political event: the preparation for China’s 35th national anniversary celebrations. Ostensibly an account of nationalistic pride, the film raises the question of how loyalty to the state can be reconciled with the individual’s need for personal expression. (Encyclopedia of Chinese Fil m, ed. Xiao Zhiwei, Zhang Yingjin)
KeywordP.R.C;Guangxi;fifth generation
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