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Title祝福 — New year's sacrifice — Zhu fu
Year of release1956
DirectorSang Hu 桑弧
Script writer(s)Xia Yan 夏衍
Bai Yang 白杨 
Wei Heling 魏鹤龄
Guan Zongxiang 管宗祥 
DistributorBei jing dian ying zhi pian chang — 北京电影制片厂 — Beijing Film Studio
PlotThis adaptation of Lu Xun's short story of the same title concerns the tragic life of a woman in traditional Chinese society. Xianglin's widow overhears that her mother—in—law is going to sell her, so she runs away. She finds a job as a maid in Mr Lu's residence in a town.  (nclyclopedia of Chinese Film, ed. Xiao Zhiwei, Zhang Yingjin, 1998)
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