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Title儿子英雄 - Poor daddy - Er Zi Ying Xiong
Year of release1929
DirectorYang Xiaozhong 杨小仲
Script writer(s)Chen Zhiqing 陈趾青
CastXu Jingzhen 许静珍
Zhang Zhede 张哲德 
Hong Jingling 洪警铃
Gao Weilian 高威廉
Liu Jiqun 刘继群

DistributorShanghai Chang cheng hua pian gong si - 上海长城画片公司 - The Great Wall Film Company
PlotA gentle and hard-working young man's wife dies young, leaving him with a son.  He remarries, but his new wife bullies him, while others take advantage of his sweet and trusting nature to cheat him.  The wife takes a local hoodlum as her lover, and when a violent burglary is committed in the area, the two plot to frame her husband for the crime, collect the reward money, and run away.  The son heroically finds the real criminal's mountain hideout and guides a group of local fishermen in capturing him.  When the criminal names the wife's lover as his accomplice, her lover flees, leaving the wife behind.  Abandoned by her false lover and exposed as an adulteress, she leaves in shame.
CommentSilent film with both Chinese and English title inserts
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