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Peking on parade1935Hsiao, San-Tiao
Peking and the overland route1917Cook & Son,
Peking utility book1921Mothers' Club of Peking
Prices, wages, and the standard of living in Peking, 1900-19241926Gamble, Sidney David; Meng, Tʻien-pʻei
Peking; a historical and intimate description of its chief places of interest1922Bredon, Juliet
Peiping municipality and the diplomatic quarter1933Duncan, Robert Moore
Peiping and North China; information and illustrations of the important places to see193Gum, Peter; Gum, Bertha
Peking, a social survey 1921Gamble, Sidney D.; Burgess, John Stewart
Pekin annaiki 北京案内記1942Andō, Kōsei 更生安藤
Pekin hanjōki. Dai 1-kan 北京繁昌記. 第1卷1922Nakano, Kōkan 中野江漢, 1889-1950
Pekin, ses palais, ses temples, et ses environs : guide historique et descriptif,illustré par Y. Darcy, compositions originals de J. Malval 1937
Péking, histoire et description1902Favier, Alphonse
Pékin, ville éternelle1934Casseville, Henry
Pekin meishō 北京名勝 1909Yamamoto, Sanshichirō 山本讃七郎
Peking1906Yamamoto, Sanshichirō 山本讃七郎
Ping jin zhan yi qin li ji - yuan guomindang jiangling de huiyi 平津战役亲历记-原国民党将领的回忆1989Zhonguo ren min zheng zhi xie shang hui yi quan guo wei yuan hui wen shi zi liao wei yuan hui中国人民政治协商会议全国委员会文史资料委员会
Peng Gangzhi gong (Yu lin )zou gao 彭剛直公(玉麐)奏稿1967Shen, Yunlong 沈雲龍 主編;
Ping ding Yue fei ji lue 平定粵匪紀略 (1-2)1967Shen, Yunlong 沈雲龍; Du, Wenlan 杜文瀾 撰
Ping lu cong gao 瓶盧叢稿 (1-2)1967Shen, Yunlong 沈雲龍 主編;
Pan Zuyin nian pu 潘祖蔭年譜1967Pan, Zunian 潘祖年
Political communications in greater China : the construction and reflection of identity2003Rawnsley, Gary D; Rawnsley, Ming-Yeh T (Eds.)
Peasants and revolution in rural China : rural political change in the North China plain and the Yangzi delta, 1850-19492007Liu, Chang
Popular religion in China : the imperial metaphor2001Feuchtwang, Stephan
Politics in China since 1949 : legitimizing authoritarian rule2006Weatherley, Robert
Prostitution scandals in China : policing, media and society2012Jeffreys, Elaine
Political determinants of corporate governance in China2012SHI, Chenxia
Politics and markets in rural China2011Alpermann, Björn (ed.)
Poverty and development in China : alternative approaches to poverty assessment2012Lu, Caizhen
Plantes de la Chine dessinées et peintes par des missionnaires
Political culture and participation in rural China2012Zhong, Yang
Pekin meishō 北京名勝 Peking1909Yamamoto, Sanshichirō 山本讃七郎
Pan gong zhan xian sheng yan lun shi ci xuan ji 潘公展先生言論詩詞選集1969
Pin wei she hua 品味奢华2008Wu, Renshu 巫仁恕
Political Leaders of Modern China. A biographical dictionary1992Pak-Wah Edwin Leung
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