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Da shu ju shi dai de li shi yan jiu : guan yu da shu ju hua yu dang dai li shi yan jiu de zhong yao cheng guo 大数据时代的历史研究 : 关于大数据化与当代历史研究的重要成果 Historical studies with big data2018Shu, Jian (ed.) 舒健
Shu wei ren wen xue bai pi shu 數位人文學白皮書2017Lin Fushi (ed.) 林富士
Quan mian kang zhan shi qi Zhongguo wen hua jie yi jie Riben "Zhongguo" yan jiu wen xian mu lu jian bian 1937-1945 全面抗战时期中国文化界译介日本'中国'研究文献目录简编2016Ma, Jun 马 军
Reconsidering cultural heritage in East Asia2016Matsuda, Akira; Mengoni, Luisa Elena
Shu wei ren wen : zai guo qu . xian zai he wei lai zhi jian 數位人文 : 在過去, 現在和未來之間 Digital humanities : between past, present, and future2016Xiang Jie 項潔
Shu wei ren wen yan jiu yu ji yi 數位人文研究與技藝 Digital humanities and craft : technological change2014Xiang Jie 項潔
Foreigners and foreign institutions in Republican China2013Brady, Anne-Marie; Brown, Douglas (Eds.)
Zhongguo xing zheng qu hua tong shi. Qing dai juan 中国行政区划通史. 清代卷2013Fu, Linxiang 傅林祥; Zhou,Zhenhe 周振鹤
Building Shanghai: The Story of China's Gateway2013 Edward Denison; Guang Yu Ren
The impact of China on global commodity prices : the global reshaping of the resource sector2012Farooki, Masuma; Kaplinsky, Raphael
Islam, family life, and gender inequality in urban China2012Zang, Xiaowei
Mapping media in China : region, province, locality2012Sun, Wanning; Chio, Jenny (Eds.)
Prostitution scandals in China : policing, media and society2012Jeffreys, Elaine
Political determinants of corporate governance in China2012SHI, Chenxia
China-Taiwan relations in a global context : Taiwan's foreign policy and relations2012Wei, George C.X.
China as the workshop of the world : an analysis at the national and industry level of China in the international division of labor2012Gao, Yuning
Poverty and development in China : alternative approaches to poverty assessment2012Lu, Caizhen
China-India economics : challenges, competition and collaboration2012Palit, Amitendu
Rural tax reform in China : policy process and institutional change2012Li, Linda Chelan
China and India : the quest for energy resources in the 21st century2012Hong, Zhao
Mao's China and the Sino-Soviet split : ideological dilemma2012Li, Mingjiang
China and Orientalism : Western knowledge production and the P.R.C.2012Vukovich, Daniel F
Political culture and participation in rural China2012Zhong, Yang
Young Chinese in urban China2012Cocktain, Alex
HIV/AIDS in China : the economic and social determinants2012Sutherland, Dylan ; Hsu, Jennifer
Qing dai Shanghai sha chuan hang yun ye shi yan jiu 清代上海沙船航运业史研究2012Akira Matsuura 松浦章
Hui se Shanghai, 1937-1945-- Zhongguo wen ren de yin tui, fan kang yu he zuo 灰色上海,1937-1945, 中国文人的隐退、反抗与合作2012Fu, Baoshi 傅葆石
Zhongguo yu Zhongguo ren ying xiang 中国与中国人影像2012约翰·汤姆逊
Shu wei ren wen yao yi : xun zhao lei xing yu gui ji 數位人文要義 : 尋找類型與軌跡 Essential digital humanities : defining patterns and paths2012Xiang Jie 項潔
Christianities in Asia2011Phan, Peter C (Ed.)
Economic developments in contemporary China : a guide2011Jeffries, Ian
The year names of China and Japan2011Suski, P. M.
Law, wealth and power in China : commercial law reforms in context2011Garrick, John
Sustainable reform and development in post-Olympic China2011Yao,Shuijie
Religion in contemporary China : revitalization and innovation2011Chau, Adam Yuet
Urban youth in China : modernity, the internet and the self2011Liu, Fengshu
HIV/AIDS, health, and the media in China : imagined immunity through racialized disease2011Hood, Johanna
Trade unions in China : the challenge of labour unrest2011Pringle, Tim
Higher education in contemporary China : beyond the expansion2011Morgan, John W.; Wu, Bin
Online society in China : creating, celebrating, and instrumentalising the online carnival2011Herold, David Kurt; Marolt, Peter (eds.)
The politics of community building in urban China2011Heberer, Thomas; Göbel, ChristianThe aim of this book is to make sense of the recent reform of neighbourhood institutions in urban China. It builds on the observation that the late 1990s saw a comeback of the state in urban China after the increased economization of life in the 1980s had initially forced it to withdraw from society. The authors hypothesise that the central government has indeed displayed an impressive adaptive capacity with regards to the social problems in China's shequs. It has managed to bring the party-state back into urban society by enhancing its infrastructural power to provide better social welfare.
Leisure and power in urban China : everyday life in a medium-size Chinese city2011Rolandsen, Unn Målfrid H.
Small town China2011Carillo, Beatriz
Education reform in China : changing concepts, contexts and practices2011Ryan, Janet
Social policy and migration in China2011Fan, Lida
Politics and markets in rural China2011Alpermann, Björn (ed.)
Foreign direct investment in China : spillover effects on domestic enterprises2011Deng, Ziliang
Medical ethics in China : a transcultural interpretation2011Nie, Jing-Bao
Rising China in the changing world economy2011Wang, Liming (Ed.)
Looking for work in post-socialist China : governance, active job seekers and the new Chinese labour market2011Xu, Feng
Hu jinquan tan dian ying 胡金铨谈电影2011Hu, Jinquan 胡金铨
Shu wei ren wen zai li shi xue yan jiu de ying yong 數位人文在歷史學研究的應用 Digital humanities : new approaches to historical studies2011Xiang Jie 項潔
Cong bao cun dao chuang zao : kai qi shu wei ren wen yan jiu 從保存到創造 : 開啟數位人文研究 From preservation to knowledge creation : the way to digital humanities2011Xiang Jie 項潔
Shu wei ren wen yan jiu de xin shi ye 數位人文硏究的新視野: 基礎與想像 New eyes for discovery : ji chu yu xiang xiang : foundations imaginations of digital humanities2011Xiang Jie 項潔
Bo shan fang wen ji 柏山房文集2010
Guanxi as a Model of Social Integration2010Krauße, Reuß-Markus
Jews and Judaism in modern China2010Ehrlich, Avrum M.
China and Europe : the implications of the rise of China for European space2010Kunzmann, Klaus R; Schmid, Willy A; Koll-Schretzenmayr, Martina (eds.)
Regionalism in China-Vietnam relations : institution-building in the Greater Mekong Subregion2010Hensengerth, Oliver
Innovation in China : the Chinese software industry2010Jui, Shang-Ling
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